Birth Plan Consults

A birth plan is as much for the one birthing as it is for the care provider. When you understand your options, you enter the birth experience with confidence and feel empowered to make educated decisions about your care. 


Creating a written plan ahead of time gives you an opportunity to research those options and decide with a clear head what they would prefer in any given scenario. Then, when you bring that plan to your care provider, it facilitates an important discussion about how you will work together during the labor and the immediate postpartum period. It also helps the birth team as a whole (midwives, midwifery assistants, obstetricians, nurses, etc.) understand how they can provide personalized support during your special day.

What should be included and what can be left out

Unbiased, evidence-based information

Possible alternatives

The best ways to phrase your preferences

Totally private and confidential

All from the comfort of your own place!

How it Works:

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Share with me your hopes/goals for the birth

Submit your rough draft (if you have one)

I'll review it to get a sense of what to cover

We'll get together on a Zoom call

I'll send you the new draft we created together!

Most popular!

Basic Birth Plan


Got a rough draft started but need someone to help you clarify your options and polish it up? I've got your back!

Full Birth Plan


No rough draft yet? I get it - a blank page is hard! No worries.  When we're finished, you'll have a hospital or birth center friendly Birth Plan.