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Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Start learning evidence-based info today!


Get empowered with a class you and your partner will LOVE!

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is a 6-week hybrid curriculum for today's busy families, providing the most current evidence-based information to your hands in a way you can understand. This class works to provide personalized mentorship with the convenience of being able to do almost everything from the comfort and intimacy of your own home. We will discuss your rights and options in childbirth, support your decision in unmedicated OR medicated births, discuss hospital interventions, talk about the importance of labor support, practice comfort measures and birthing positions, discuss postpartum care, and provide you with the option of watching bonus breastfeeding and newborn care videos.

Both standard and deluxe registration includes the in-person classes, weekly Zoom video meetings with your Instructor, access to your lessons online at the Evidence Based Birth® Academy, and a PDF library. If you choose the “deluxe” option, you will get 6 months access to the online portion plus a 30-minute private zoom call with Lindsey to discuss your birth plan.

**Classes are limited to 6 couples per class.  


"I keep thinking what a great class this was! Lindsey's enthusiasm and passion for the subject make her a natural teacher. I would feel so in the dark without having done this - it's easy as the husband to feel a little disconnected from the whole process of pregnancy and birth, so I appreciate how much more I understand everything now. I feel much better prepared to help. I wish this kind of education were the norm, and I hope that over time more and more people are able to make the kind of informed choices we've been prepared for."

Skylar Devos

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Personal Stuff

I'm a native of Middle Tennessee and a lifelong lover of nerdy stuff - HP (Ravenclaw), LotR (Faramir is the best, fight me), BtVS, etc. My day job is being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (general, not just babies) at the local hospital. Most of my free time is spent laughing with my two boys and cuddling with my husband. When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy a good card game, a long book, and a hot cup of tea.

About Me

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Class Stuff

I became fascinated by childbirth during my second pregnancy, a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). My volunteer work with ICAN inspired me to get certified as a childbirth instructor in 2009. Preparing pregnant couples is my passion! I thoroughly enjoy spending an evening every week with my clients discussing and preparing for birth! Read an interview with me here.

Non-Profit Stuff

I joined ICAN, a cesarean awareness and VBAC support group, in 2008 and became the leader of ICAN of Nashville. I've been honored to contribute to the training of doulas and prenatal yoga instructors concerning issues of VBAC,  and cesarean prevention and recovery. In 2014, I was named to the ICAN Board of Directors as Vice President and became President in 2016.

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