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Meet Lindsey

I am passionate about connecting parents and professionals to the information they need!

Lindsey Seger, CCE (CPI),
Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

I founded An Everyday Miracle Childbirth Education after the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) of my second son. That birth was a revelation. Researching the evidence, searching out respectful care, and contemplating my own goals - it transformed how I approached my place in the medical community and my individual confidence.


That personal revelation has become a professional passion. I have a heart both for the parents-to-be and for the professionals who make supporting birthing people their life's work. Some women became doulas after a transformative birth experience, but I specialize in birth education!


Read an interview with me here.

And here's another!

The fam and I on a road trip!

Personal Stuff

I'm a native of Middle Tennessee and a lifelong lover of nerdy stuff - HP (Ravenclaw), LotR (Faramir is the best, fight me), BtVS, etc. My day job is being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (general, not just babies) at the local hospital. Most of my free time is spent laughing with my two boys and cuddling with my high school sweetheart/husband. When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy a good card game, a long book, and a hot cup of tea.


Me w/ Rebecca Dekker PhD!

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Class Stuff

My volunteer work with ICAN inspired me to pursue birth education more formally. I've been an independent birth instructor since 2010, first in the Bradley Method® and then in Evidence Based Birth® and have taught over 150+ pregnant couples! Spending an evening with my clients discussing and preparing for birth is always the highlight of my day!

Speaking at the Improving Birth Rally!

Non-Profit Stuff

I've been the chapter leader of ICAN of Nashville since 2009. In 2014, I was named to the ICAN Board of Directors as Vice President and was President from 2016-2019, overseeing the creation of formal training for chapter leaders so that they can spearhead support and advocacy groups of their own in communities across the world. I've spoken at several conferences and have been honored to contribute to the training of doulas and prenatal yoga instructors here locally.

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2009 - present: Chapter Leader, ICAN of Nashville

2010 - 2019: Independent Childbirth Instructor, Bradley Method®

2014 - 2016: Vice President, International Cesarean Awareness Network

2014 - present: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, SRMC

2016 - 2019: President, International Cesarean Awareness Network

2019 - present: Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

2019 - present: Certified Childbirth Educator, Childbirth Professionals Int'l

Proud Member of...

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